Provided services

Electrical industry

Electrical installation

Complex building of electrical systems in residential and industrial applications. Our advantage is the professionalism and quick processing of orders.

Intercom, networking and special installation

We provide door entry systems, wiring computer networks, wi-fi, antenna and special wiring in new and used buildings. We prefer installation in accordance with our designs based on customer requirements.

Installation and set up home automation devices

We install drivers for central heating boilers, shutters, remote control systems, energy management systems and others. We rely on the factory and own solutions.

Measurements of electrical safety

We perform periodic measurements of insulation resistance, ground resistance, short circuit loop resistance and testing of circuit breakers.

Search for the causes of failure in electrical systems

We perform a comprehensive audit of electrical installations, designed to search for the causes of equipment failure, network failure and accessories. We solve problems with accidental switching off the RCDs, periodic surges and other.

Individual design of modern lighting

We design and manufacture modern lighting in residential and industrial, interior and exterior, based on LED modules and other sources. Due to the individual requirements of our customers, each project is unique and well-suited to your needs. We specialize in factory-based high-power LED lighting modules and in our own solutions.

Electronic industry

Designing of electronic devices and measuring devices

We create specific designs and measuring devices for various applications. Our portfolio includes machine work timers, temperature sensors, executive controllers for automation systems and more.

Electronic service

We provide complete service of our solutions, both warranty and post-warranty like. Repairs are made in the workshop and out on site.

Rental of electronic devices and measuring devices

In order to minimize the clients costs and risks of purchasing, we offer the possibility of renting our solutions in exchange for a monthly fee. Thanks to this, customer is free to choose and change the device configuration, and does not have to incur additional costs in the event of withdrawal. Rental is done on the basis of the principle: Using - you pay for.


Current web service

We make regular updates to web pages, correcting mistakes and add information. We offer an alternative to IT specialist employment in the company with an average workload. The advantage is the short response time of the order. These services we also realize in postpaid mode.

Modifications and optimization of websites

We monitor websites related to server load and databases. We also introducing minor modifications, remove the risks associated with susceptibility to viruses and other threats.

Information retrieval

We offer professional search for information on the Internet and in the sources of literature and magazines. We perform detailed studies and analysis of the topic in accordance with the customer demands or our own methods.

Creating the concept of on-line games

We write and improve the MMOG game scenarios, creating the game mechanics, interaction, database cores and the concept of the game. At the moment we are working on our own project of economic-trade MMOG game played out in space.

Oil and chemical industry

Consulting and oil audit

This service is directed mostly to lubricants sellers and to lubricants end-users. more...

Development of new production and exploitation technologies

This service is directed mostly to lubricants manufacturers and to big end-users who need specific lubricants. more...

Finding malfunctions and breakdown reasons

This service is directed mostly to lubricants end-users and to lubricants sellers. more...

Lubricants analyses

This service is directed to lubricants manufacturers, lubricants sellers and to end-users. more...

Lubricants market analyses

This service is directed mostly to lubricants manufacturers, big sales representatives and wholesellers. more...

Machines and devices upgrading

This service is directed to lubricants end-users. more...

Making of specialized databases for operational service

This service is directed mostly to big end-users who have a number of machines with a large variety. more...

Oils economy optimization and managing

This service is directed mostly to big lubricants end-users who have a number of machines and using many lubricants. more...

Reclamation assists

This service is directed mostly to lubricants sellers and wholesellers especially professional and consument. more...

Technical support of lubricants selling and exploitation

This service is directed mostly to lubricants end-users and aims to resolve problems arising during operation. more...

Publishing industry

Development of Polish versions of the user manual

We create a Polish-language versions of the machines, equipment and software manuals. We specialize in translation into Polish language.

Translation of articles into Polish language

We translate newspaper, magazine articles and scientific fields: computer science, electrical engineering, electronics, chemistry, mechanics and exploitation to the Polish language. We specialize in popular scientific articles and academic.

Translation of the instructions, data sheets, product cards into Polish language

We develop Polish versions of SDS according to REACH, the product card and user manuals. We specialize in lubricants, chemical reagents and other industrial agents.

Other services

Our firm provides wide variety of different services including computer science, network managing, electronics, lubrication, chemistry, tribology and more. Please, ask us what you need and we will help. more...

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